Why You May Want Business Analysis and Consulting Help

Success of any profitable financial entity depends on how fast it reacts to technology adoption and meets customer’s needs. It is critical to meet the growing compliance oversight and quickly modifying demographic features. These elements have a great impact on the consumers’ demands. Efficient business analysis and solution deployment are two options that each start-up should look for to succeed with its development. Without a proper growth, it would be impossible to achieve business goals.

At the same time, benchmark reports determine that companies with weak business analysts perform 3 times as many objective failures as wins. These statistics prove that wrong business analysis is the main cause of any company failures. It usually happens so that entities acknowledge many various problems but do not manage to define the root cause. While being hidden, such issues can have significant negative influences on the downstream business results.

The solution was found in the shape of professional business analysis and consulting from people who have graduated with MBA and Ph.D. in business from the best colleges and universities in the United States and the United Kingdom. Graduates from Yale and Harvard Business School had been working in different financial and accounting fields for years before they joined our innovative team.

Below you will find general information on the business analysis outsourcing, consulting, and other offerings established by our experts.

Primary goals of business analysis and consulting company

Our main goal is to serve start-ups, small and big enterprises, as well as those who just plan to launch their own businesses. Our team has analyzed the situation in the financial and IT market. As a result, we have developed a web service where any entrepreneur can buy business help and advice for reasonable prices. Despite the competition is not harsh yet, we are still doing our best to be the top consulting agency for American and British business people.

Another objective of our team is to provide fast and high quality help to every young entrepreneur or expert. We are available 24/7. Thus, you can purchase our assistance at any time of day and night. There is a friendly, highly responsive Client Support Team which is always willing to respond to all your questions as well as explain how our services work. If you need any additional piece of advice on which service to choose, we are ready to share these secrets with you too.

Our company is focused on serving both your business and technology needs. We have two stages during which your company problems of any type are solved. Those are an analytical phase and offered solutions. Hopefully, you will enjoy them.

What exactly our business analysis services offer

AndroidAppSpace is aimed at empowering a company BA capability by straddling across a variety of phases of SDLC from basic instructions and design to efficient BAU support.

Requirements Design Create Test OPS Readiness BAU Support
Business Specs Gap Test Develop System Test Mode Mentoring/training BAU Issues
Formulation of instructions BRD vs. FSD validation Initial system build Approach to testing Training need evaluation + delivery schedule Production support
Management of the requirements Customized/individual design Test design coverage optimization Material preparation + documentation Workarounds
Business procedure (Development and Upgrade) Migration strategy for data Defect examination & app support Business operation guide Change management


Now, let’s discuss our offers in detail. It is important to mention the deliverables of the first step which is analysis and evaluation:

  1. Software architecture description and ranking
  2. Requirements details
  3. General project plan and objectives
  4. Prototype (upon your request)
  5. Estimated project budget
  6. Complete range of wireframes

The next phase is dedicated to the in-depth research and counseling based on the analytical stage. By taking into account the findings of the research, we smoothly move to the stage of business analysis consulting. If you are engaged in the IT project, there is no way to ignore this important phase. It is crucial that system which is being constructed detects the lion share of all cases. Our specialists in business analysis consulting will obtain a business model grounded on various use cases.

So, our business analysis solutions include the following stages:

  • Identifying parameters that have to be implemented
  • Highlighting requirements and accepting them
  • Specifying scope for the current stage

Enjoy advantages of business analysis consulting delivered by our team

These business analysis services are bidirectional by their meaning. It allows concentrating on business and technology sides of the problem. Our company strengthens cooperation and communication between groups that carry out the tasks and business by sharing access to the top-quality business analysts and tools across the SDLC.

Unlike many similar platforms that offer consultations only, our company is ready to handle projects for you. Financial entities of all levels may need that before the outsourced development begins. That is when our services step in. We have created a highly demanded product which makes it possible to come up with the detailed documentation, logical flow, and use cases for your company system.

Our team works with the latest technology to prepare the most accurate reports and tools for our customers. We have already consulted thousands of business entities from the English-speaking world. The fact that we work only with native-speaking business and marketing experts make it easier and more exciting to collaborate with us.

Our team of professional business analysts can guarantee that each client will get a thorough analysis of the software or another case, premium-class software or app development, ongoing support during the entire process, outsourcing, accredited training, and some other vital options. We, at AndroidAppSpace, are happy to offer you affordable prices, online safety, and favorable terms and conditions. Let us help develop your success!