Mobile App Development Services from Experts for Higher Revenues

Are you searching for new ways to produce in-demand applications for smartphones or tablets of all brands? AndroidAppSpace has your business covered no matter what the chosen platform is to be designed on or device it is to be applied in conjunction with.

Our engineers and developers possess a wide array of experience in various mobile application development services for Android, iOS, Windows, and Blackberry. Since our foundation, we have built different efficient software for our customers. Moreover, our company has finished a sufficient amount of developing, porting, and hybrid mobile projects for the platforms mentioned above and numerous operating systems.

Our mission is to deliver custom mobile application development thanks to the vivid skills of our employees. These mobile app development services contribute to the mission of our users’ businesses and assist in gaining advantages thanks to the innovative IT technologies. We try to go hand in hand with the most recent market trends and provide valuable advisory and support to all users who trust us. We can help you cope with picking the framework, choosing the right platform to target, and making a decision regarding “native,” “hybrid,” and “web mobile” options.

Who may need mobile application development services and why?

The answer to this question is pretty obvious. Such services are critical for those businesses that want a native or cross-platform mobile app to be built from zero to the hero or improved. Financial or technical companies that specialize in mobile banking apps require special business promotion too.

Moreover, businesses who would like to integrate the mobile app with other company’s instruments and third-party platforms (e.g. various payment systems, customer relationship management, ERPs, etc.)

Finally, firms that want to launch the brand new application ideas and demand in-depth testing with a minimum viable product.

Now you may ask what for mobile application development services are needed. Well, there are plenty of business and technical goals that cannot be achieved without proper app design, development, optimization, release, and promotion. We specialize in every category. The top reasons to get our assistance include:

  • Properly defined business goals and concept
  • Vision which becomes a working mobile app
  • Meaningful drop in development costs for your app
  • Always updated applications
  • Special pre-set app editions
  • More than 30% fewer investment threats thanks to MVP development
  • Decreased management risks with a talented project manager by your side
  • Higher revenue streams with professional advertising or in-app buys
  • Lower costs of SMS and paper newsletters thanks to direct messaging to target audience
  • Approximately 90% retention rate in your team with our partners

Let’s see how we can help and consider the example of native application development in Android. It all depends on the objectives of your business. Local Java programmers are always here to work on the custom solutions like the integration of 3rd-party libraries in C or C++, APIs, custom elements, minimized level development under root, and for certain situations.

Whenever you need something for Windows phone market, we’ll produce it on C# and NET code. With the help of Objective-C (Cocoa and Cocoa Touch frameworks are preferred) and Swift, our developers can come up with attractive applications for iOS, OS X, watchOS, andtvOS.

Products offered by our custom mobile application development services

AndroidAppSpace is ready to reach the highest peak of the mountain for your business application by deciding on the most appropriate application of your processes to a mobile platform of your choice. No matter if you need a Minimum Viable Product or complicated mobile app with third-party integrations, you’ll get a bunch of quality products from the app development services you are looking at right now:

  1. Applications with high conversion rates thanks to the artificial intelligence and voice-grounded personal helpers
  2. Mobile applications with wearables and home smart goods integration
  3. Included geolocation
  4. Integration with various smart technologies
  5. Applications for e-commerce and banking of any type

For proper native mobile app production, we consider:

  • Skills in Objective-C, iOS SDK, Java, Android SDK
  • Distribution via App Store
  • High graphical performance
  • Lower development costs
  • Faster development speed
  • Fast application performance

Our mobile native application development team is willing to accept your project no matter which stage it is on: market analysis, UI design, architecture building, hardware interfaces creation, integration, current software updates, testing, or NetOps support.

Mobile native application development: Enjoy great advantages with us!

Being one of the leaders in the field of mobile software, our team can boast an expanding experience in offering excellently performing, digitally transformative native app development for any existing platform. Every app completed by our organization has all necessary features to please your customers.

One of the causes for such strong positioning is our ability to carry any projects through HTML 5 development. We make sure that your application will function on any device no matter how old or up-to-date it is. In addition, we promise that every solution is completely safe, scalable, and sustainable in any environment and under any conditions.

According to the top level decision graph for native vs. hybrid vs. web mobile solutions, you can notice that choosing native applications is the wisest decision. Along with a native development, you get all necessary device features and access:

  • Camera
  • Push-notifications
  • Contacts
  • Offline availability
  • Geolocation
  • Uploads
  • Gyroscope
  • Accelerometer
  • Swipe navigation
  • Microphone

This type of app development is the most suitable for the games or customer-oriented applications where great performance and end-user experience are obligatory.

As far as customer satisfaction is our top priority, we have gathered a team of account managers, project managers, and consistent delivery department to carry out your orders. All of the findings from the surveys we conduct on your business go to the CEO, so your projects are always in reliable hands.

Agile methodology helps us to solve all issues with delivery. We guarantee streamlined delivery, reduced development costs, and full accordance with your budget and goals. You will never wait for too long when dealing with us.

We will build any type of native mobile app step-by-step. Be where your customers are with outstanding custom mobile application development services for your business.