Skyrocket Your App Together with Our App Prototyping Service

Every startup should realize that it has to utilize an expert web and design service to bring business ideas to life with the help of certain prototypes. HTML would be a perfect example. Only after doing so, a business owner can move to the process of developing the final product/service.

Prototypes can help understand how the future product will look like, function, and whether there will be a demand for it. It is a perfect tool for testing your opportunities. A prototype of the app is also a critical instrument for obtaining user feedback before releasing the product. It is better to know whether the product will fail before wasting thousands of dollars on its launch.

Moreover, app prototypes are an excellent solution that helps leverage the business ability to get important initial funding or decision-maker appreciation and willingness to take part in the project. In other words, these tools attract investors.

AndroidAppSpace has mixed mobile strategy, service definition, and application prototyping altogether to get the formula for a winning final product. 3-in-1 service from our team is a treasury of ideas for all app and software developers nowadays. We are your right decision in case you are looking for IT professionals to:

  1. Develop individual mobile strategy
  2. Determine and set priorities regarding product characteristics
  3. Create the product roadmap
  4. Obtain a clickable application prototype

As a result, every client will receive everything required for reaching buy-in, increasing investor base, and starting to work on the minimum viable product.

Our prototyping company deals with these main functions:

  1. Strategy
  2. Definition
  3. Design
  4. Prototype
  5. Collaboration

The focus of our expert app prototyping service

Let’s dig a little bit deeper. First of all, we start with a comprehensive mobile strategy discussion. You will be pleased with the custom brainstorming procedure conducted to come up with the best ideas. This process will help find out the harshest problems your clients may ever experience when dealing with your business. Our experts will create:

  • User personalities and journey maps
  • Pains or gains
  • Opportunity list

The second step is about defining the target product. Our team is ready to detect, map, and set priorities to let your product have the significant impact on the market. As a result, you’ll get:

  • Product characteristics
  • Prioritized goals
  • Roadmap

Afterwards, a design phase steps into the game. With our help, it is possible to come up with screens directly in our platform or place your pictures or photos from Sketch and Photoshop programs. Our experts generate business ideas on how to assist our clients in achieving leads faster. We have added a unique opportunity to sync designs from your personal cloud storage! Isn’t it amazing?

When it comes to prototyping, you will find how user-friendly our editor is! This step is about visualizing your mobile solution. Thanks to it, any customer is able to unite all your designs in one place in a jiffy, then decide on the gestures and transitions to allow your prototype look and function like a real application or even internet site. On the whole, this phase consists of:

  • Wireframes
  • Mock-ups
  • Clickable app prototypes

Carry out prototypes for the variety of devices (iPhone, iPad, PC, Apple TV, Laptop, Apple Watch, and Android).

At last, we are here to talk about collaboration. Our specialists are excited to offer you the opportunity to share your portfolios/projects/designs extremely simple! Besides, every user can obtain real-time feedback on any design and ideas. Customers and partners can leave comments on every screen or drop annotations easily.

Order from our prototyping company to meet your needs

While searching for all possible options to optimize your mobile apps or create prototypes for your future projects, you may find several options online. Many companies offer their free or paid services. We have established only advanced features that should be purchased.

App prototyping is our main business. So we invest all of our time in developing and improving this particular service. The secret of our success is the algorithm of the actions we take to create the best clickable prototypes for you, your customers, and your potential investors. Our prototypes serve better than any presentation.

Usually, we take the following steps to fully satisfy the needs of our clients:

  1. Framing the problem. It is important for our developers and business analysts to see a full picture. Then they can realize the goals and requirements you have set for your mobile product or service.

Expected result: Excellent Mobile Strategy

  1. Generating innovative ideas. We brainstorm, generate, and prioritize characteristics of your selected product together with you!

Expected result: Product Definition

  1. Finding a solution to the problem. Our team offers a visual solution to be performed and validated.

Expected result: Ready Application Prototype

6 benefits that you can enjoy if you rely on our application prototyping help

We have gathered the top features of our service to remind our potential clients of the opportunities they can get along with our friendly and highly professional team.

Depending on our assistance, you receive a chance to find out and get rid of the primary conflicts between the consumers and the developers. Here are the benefits that you’ll enjoy:

  • You’ll be able to specify the technical aspects before moving to the development phase.
  • You’ll het interactive prototypes to catch an eye of the potential partners.
  • You’ll have a possibility to evaluate the future app from the customer’s point of view and decide on the necessity of further modifications in its scheme of interaction with the customer.
  • You’ll apply clickable app prototype to examine the overall idea of the project when divided into focus groups. It wil prevent the most expensive stages of the work (e.g. QA or coding) from failure.
  • You’ll obtain a valuable advantage when searching for sources of funding as the app is the ground for your startup.
  • You’ll find out all technical nuances before getting to work.
  • You’ll have both paper and interactive prototypes at hand.

Thousands of amazing ideas are generated every single day with our team by your side. Need a fully functional prototype? We are ready to offer our helping hand at any moment!