Get Enhanced Mobile App Marketing Strategy from True Development Experts

The world is going mobile. It’s a fact that there will be approximately 1,5 mobile devices per individual by 2018. In total, it makes ten billion mobile gadgets around the world! It is a great chance for enterprises to change the way businesses interact with clients, staff, and partners. Mobile is a special communication platform that connects companies with their customers 24/7 and helps build trustful relations.

AndroidAppSpace was founded to offer exclusive mobile solutions that stand for the expanded end-user experience. Each of our experts has a deep expertise in creating, examining and deploying mobile applications and software that run smoothly on any device and OS. Our company’s Cloud and Labs make it possible to design, prototype, release, and publish all innovative ideas at the highest technical level. Your personal assistant will lead you through the entire app development phase. Except for the guidance, we consult each client for free. It helps make the final decision regarding the future product and target audience.

Our mobile strategy consulting company is an expert in establishing top-quality native mobile apps for all basic platforms (Android is our top priority, but iOS, Windows, and Blackberry are also included). Local professionals streamline mobile app development for various devices with the help of the best tools. We can work on hybrid platforms like Appcelerator or Xamarin if you don’t need a native solution. All web apps are carried out according to the most recent technologies (JavaScript, JQuery, Ruby on Rails, HTML5, and CSS3).

The main purpose of our team is to help your personnel stay productive and creative in addition to mobilizing your ERP system.

We know how a winning mobile app marketing strategy should look like

The main goal of this online company is to develop partnerships with different businesses, big and small, design and implement efficient mobile strategies based on a clear vision of solutions that correspond to the original models and guarantee the desired outcomes.

There are two major services to complete this mission.

  1. Technology evaluation and selection

The company has rich experience and is well aware of the best techniques that can help navigate the waters of your target platform and pick the right device. Our employees assist in grabbing actionable information that is necessary to accomplish your company infrastructure, provide 100% safety and worldwide compliance. The best thing is that these people get you prepared for the upcoming success in designing and implementing brand new marketing strategies.

  1. Mobile Center of Excellence

Let us call it MCoE. Often, mobile initiatives fail to integrate across firms. It happens due to the absence of a single driving consistency, cooperation, and discovering synergies between business lines. Local Center of Excellence can help every client charter and form an internal team to drive innovative solutions with the help of time-tested practices used by Fortune 500 companies.

  1. Validation & optimization

In order to release any mobile solution, you need fresh business models and new approaches to engaging with both staff and consumers. Our team is ready to assist you in implementing all opportunities of the well-optimized procedures. Our B2B clients share that there is an average improvement of 30% efficiency in their optimization processes once they choose our online support. It means 300% return on investment (ROI)!

  1. Mobile maturity evaluation

Let’s find out how “mature” your business is in integrating mobile for better process management and return on investment. We make such procedures as producing mobile enterprise applications at a high-quality level and replicating it again and again much easier and faster. It allows obtaining a holistic view of your place in the market and things required to achieve all business goals.

  1. App mapping

In the additional/continuous versions of an app, requirements usually become more tricky and challenging. We will map out your mobile ecosystem, discover synergies, and set priorities to gain satisfactory business value.

What we do to offer you top-quality mobile strategy consulting

You should realize that it’s impossible to have single-size fits for all business solutions because you demand dynamic mobile strategies for scaling your project regarding staff and client satisfaction, with a rather high ROI for the invested time and nerves.

Our mobile app marketing strategy team suggests that you hire true experts to review and analyze your preferred strategies and mobile platforms effectively.  Because of our rich experience and company’s history, we have generated more than 100 mobile applications for different market representatives.

Application consultants we hire can decide on the most appropriate mobile app, device, and information management solutions to grow your revenues. You will finally obtain a collaborative platform supported by a safe and powerful infrastructure. Our team develops an outline for every stage from planning to distribution and promotion. Three departments are going to be with you round-the-clock: consulting, design & development, and customer support.

We are here to:

  • Define your business objectives
  • Fix your mobile focus
  • Assume and examine various mobile channels
  • Come up with optimal solutions for development
  • Select vendor wisely (point solutions, platforms, experience, stability)

Why order mobile strategy consulting service from us?

Finally, let consider top reasons why it may be a great choice to turn to our help.

  • Rich and in-depth experience supported by a solid package of skills

You will discover a variety of end-to-end capabilities in planning, releasing, and controlling mobility and IoT solutions.

A solid portfolio of more than 10,000 successfully completed projects inside. Almost 2,500 of them are mobile applications.

  • Scale, staff, and partners

Our company operates worldwide round-the-clock. The coverage is impressive: more than 30 countries through several prompt delivery centers. We are able to quickly generate new solutions across various platforms.

Expanded ecosystem of partnerships makes it possible for us to guarantee leading-edge solutions thanks to the technology-agnostic advice.

  • Innovative ideas + assets

A bunch of corresponding instruments and capabilities help us accelerate mobile adoption for any customers. We can send you the examples of our case studies to prove our competence and large experience. Interested in full mobile solutions for your business? Don’t hesitate to contact our consulting team ASAP!