Choose the Most Efficient Apps Testing Solution for Improved Performance!

Would you like to define the local end-user experience better and perfect the general in-market quality? We believe that all startups and promising small businesses would like to have special mobile testing services that match their needs.

Nowadays, users are rather whimsical. So they want high performance across all existing devices: from Personal Computers (PCs) to smartphones. They wish to operate from any locations and on any systems. If you wish an application that would be ready for all challenges of today’s highly competitive digital world, only experts in the area of app development and design can help.

It should be noted that mobile landscape is developing with the speed of light every day, with more and more new participants in the mobile market. More and more fresh exponential alternatives appear for the phone users worldwide. It causes new challenges even for the most experienced developers and testers.

There are numerous releases of operating systems that you can find for iOS and Android, and many more devices. It becomes too difficult to ensure your customer’s rich experience without one’s helping hand. Thus, our company has created a special space with approximately 100,000 qualified testers and developers. This huge network allows having an unmatched device coverage for all clients. We can test more than two million gadgets in any location and under any circumstances, no matter which OS combinations you are looking for.

Pick mobile testing services based on your personal and business needs

Mobile application testing services implemented by our team have a lot to offer. There are three major services and extra features.

  1. Application testing for Android

At least 1/3 of all Android users are using the same version of the OS at the given period. It turns Android application testing into the practice in conquering target device and fragmentation troubles of the chosen operating system. However, mind that there are more than two million devices available in our international testing team. AndroidAppSpace assists several thousands of developers in ensuring excellent end-user experience no matter how and from which point of the world the created applications are viewed.

  1. Testing of apps for iOS

We offer more than mobile testing for Android. There is a single operating system for iPhones and iPads. However, the conditions of testing procedure may be rather different. It all depends on the screen size, version of the operating system, processor speed, and generation. Those who wish to check whether their Apple devices guarantee a flawless digital experience may turn for help to our friendly testing team which is always expanding and improving local services.

More than 100,000 global testers and developers provide almost endless flexibility to come up with an original, in-the-wild support to prove that your iOS operates excellently in a real-life environment.

  1. Windows 10 application testing

Moreover, we test mobile apps for Windows 10. Many users experience difficulties with the most recent Windows version. Thus, we are ready to solve their problems. This kind of examination is a real obstacle for developers searching for the opportunities to complete what they once promised on Microsoft’s unified platform. Our primary mission is to make it possible to test apps on a wide range of phones and other gadgets from any locations. That’s what the convergence of PC and mobile technology is about in our case.

Test mobile apps easily following these simple steps

With us, you can make up high-quality applications for mobile usage with confidence. You may either choose a free trial or pay a decent price to get the full package of services. If you want to determine how much a certain product or service would cost, move to the section with estimated pricing or contact us. You will be surprised as all prices are very affordable. We tried to fit them into your budget so that you can save plenty of money on professional apps testing for other needs.

  1. Automate your personal app with the help of our stunning testing frameworks or another solution.
  2. Attach your test suit and launch it on thousands of existing devices in the cloud.
  3. View and analyze reports that contain all necessary information and details such as outcomes, screenshots, and performance features.

Now, any designer or developer can test his own application on more than 2,000 devices with different operating systems. Launch your application on our wide and all-time expanding gathering of real devices from all over the globe. Choose devices with respect to the form factor, manufacturer, OS, or demand in the market of your interest. Our team tries to update the base with approximately 100 new devices monthly. In case there is a particular device you work with, we accept requests 24/7.

The Important role of mobile app compatibility testing and manual check

Mobile app compatibility testing is validating that the target app functions as you want across the mix of mobile phones and various browsers preferred by your target audience. It is crucial to ensure the proper user-experience.

Our team of experts will take care of your app:

  • Sites with high resolutions do not fit on a tiny mobile screen.
  • Various methods of navigations are needed except for the full-size website.
  • Small screens need to have font and correctly sized objects.
  • Functions and characteristics. It is not that easy to forecast the component behavior on the variety of devices and versions of OS.

As you can guess, our apps testing company resolves all of these problems in the shortest period. We begin this process with the analysis of the devices from the end-user market. Compatibility and interoperability check is fully controlled. The reports are sent with the help of our in-house or user’s Bug tracking/test management instruments. We will show you how your future app will look like and run on a certain device/Carrier.

Just a few more words about mobile app manual testing. Our team will consult you on how to accelerate and gain advantage thanks to this process. Here you will find opportunities for efficient and 100% secure manual testing.

You should first understand that manual testing in QA is an extremely important stage while creating top-quality applications. Only proper and time-tested manual testing software will help avoid potential drawbacks. AndroidAppSpace makes it possible to prevent device shortages, share problems, and safety concerns. For your confidence, we conduct the manual testing procedure in real time using a browser-based distant viewer which displays the screen and proposes full monitoring via mouse, keyboard, and multi-touch gestures.

Whether you’re a business newbie, a tiny startup, expanding company, or huge enterprise, stay with our responsive team to get the best of mobile application testing services!